Life Planning

Third Eye Associates’ Financial Life Planning offering is an in-depth, empathic discovery process we use to uncover our clients’ most important life goals. Our Life Planning process is grounded in our training at the Kinder Institute of Life Planning. Our most successful clients realize the value added in working with a trusted advisor who will keep you on track. Together, we structure a financial plan that provides a supportive roadmap for living the most meaningful, rewarding life our clients can imagine.

The Process - An initial one-hour consultation helps us to determine whether your needs are a good match for the services we provide. We assess the complexity of your financial life based on your situation and inform you of our fees to deliver your Financial Life Plan. For the consultation we ask that you present us with the completed Confidential Client Data and Net Worth Statement forms, along with recent financial statements. Once you contract with us, we typically schedule from five to seven planning meetings that take place every three to four weeks.

Exploration - The objectives of this phase are to understand what motivates you and to determine your aspirations for living a fulfilled life. The exploration phase is usually covered over two meetings. We will ask you to provide us with a completed Communication Preferences Exercise, Wellness Worksheet, Discovery Questions and the Heart's Core Grid.

Vision - Our purpose is to discover your "Torch," or vision for your life. We will discuss the Purpose-Method-Outcome for each of your goals. This process helps us start to prioritize and organize your money based on your individual goals and timelines.

Obstacles - We will look at the challenges you face and guide you to address the obstacles that may be in your way to realizing your Life Plan. You will complete the Money Autobiography and Obstacles List in preparation for this meeting. We will then embark on the Financial Planning process and help you create a course of action to put your plan in place.

Knowledge - Our Financial Life Plan will include a summary of your vision and goals for your life, backed up by spreadsheets, graphs and Monte Carlo simulations to support our strategies and recommended action plan, including:

  • Retirement income projections
  • Wealth management strategies
  • Risk analysis and insurance planning
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Long-term care needs analysis
  • Education funding strategies
  • Estate planning recommendations
  • Cash flow and debt analysis

Execution - The implementation of the plan is critical to realizing your life goals. Third Eye Associates believes the likelihood of achieving success in your investment strategy is greatly improved by building a capable Investment Management Team and making decisions within a disciplined Six-Step Investment Process. Our investment approach strives to bring great capability to each important decision in the investment process. This process is usually completed within three to five months.