Making an Impact

Elizabeth Jones |

Making an Impact

June 6, 2020

We'd like to address this moment in time, not as it relates to the markets, but as it relates to humanity. It's difficult to move forward on anything without having an honest conversation about the reality of how we got here. This article offers a few insights, perspectives and sources we thought might be helpful in sorting out what we're experiencing.

Most of us are following the demonstrations across America and wondering how effectively they—and we—will address the underlying issues being brought, once again, to our collective attention. Author, Samuel Sinyangwe of the Campaign Zero organization for equity and justice, points to the Campaign Zero research library, which offers evidence-based solutions, including many policy changes, to the underlying issues that have sparked outrage and demonstrations across America. (See link below.)

Racial profiling and police brutality are just two of many injustices citizens of our country are dealing with regularly. These injustices stem from hundreds of years of unfinished conversations, fear and unattended need; the need for every human being, every citizen to be treated fairly, kindly and with respect.

In Dan Harris' interview with the Dalai Lama last weekend, we were reminded that conflict cannot be solved through force, only through conversation. The Dalai Lama shared with us his concerns for the state of the world: "I think still we keep old thinking, we and they, and do not consider humanity, but my nation, my community...We have to think about humanity. Now this century should be century of dialogue. Every problem we can solve through dialogue." (Listen to the interview on Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris Podcast or see it here on ABC News.)

Because we feel it ourselves here, we know you are likely feeling it too; a deep sense of unrest as we come in contact with the unknown. There is clearly no turning back now and we need to find ways to embrace what’s ahead and trust that from a big-picture perspective, this profound change will be an improvement for everyone.

How can we continue to feel comfortable and at ease in our situations, in our skin, when others are suffering – for no real reason? When we begin to create and support a system where basic human needs are met and shared by everyone, we can then begin to feel whole and complete and joyful.

Where do we begin? We can begin by getting involved. We can educate ourselves about the history of Civil Rights and Social Justice in our country and what's needed most now to help the movement toward peace and equality. There are many different organizations currently in place committed to equity, safety, education and social justice for all. Please see the sources below to learn more.

I am personally donating to Brian Stevenson's Equal Justice Initiative and have learned a lot from the websites listed below.

This is the moment to find a way forward that our country so desperately needs and we are the people.

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