It's Tax Time

Beth Jones, RLP®, AIF®, CFT™ |

March 8, 2019

By Beth Jones, RLP®, AIF®, CFT

It’s Tax Time!
Just in case you need a reminder…
As you may know, 1099s and 1099Rs for your individual and retirement accounts are available for you to download from your AssetMark/eWealthManager web page. You can find them under “Documents” on the top menu bar and also on your dashboard in the box on the upper right offering links to your most current documents.
Once you’ve downloaded your documents, you’ll be able to save them as PDFs and email them to your tax accountant or print them and send them with your other tax papers.

If you selected e-delivery of your tax documents, you received an email with a link directly to these documents.
Also, if desired, you can make changes to your delivery preferences. There is a drop-down menu on the top right where you can find the “Delivery Preferences” option. Click there to make any adjustments.
If you have any trouble logging in or if you need to register to gain access to your online account, please contact us and we’ll get you set-up.

Thank you.

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