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Third Eye Associates provides Financial Life Planning, Financial Transition Planning, and wealth management to help clients realize their greatest asset - a rewarding life.

We thoroughly understand a fundamental fact about people's lives and people's money: They are deeply connected to and profoundly influenced by two powerful needs - to live meaningfully and to prosper. And, while a life marked by activity grounded in purpose helps us to thrive and keeps us engaged, we live in an ever-changing world that requires us to manage our financial well-being and our values consciously.

Third Eye Associates offers our expertise and guidance to clients in creating their own fulfilled lives using the EVOKE® method of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning. We deliver a consistent experience of trust and confidence employing the Sudden Money® Institute's Financial Transition Planning process as we guide our clients through the management of major life events.

We can help you clarify your vision, reconnect with your dreams, and use the resulting energy and motivated purpose to create both greater financial security and emotional fulfillment.

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Third Eye Associates, Ltd. is a Registered Investment Adviser